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Best with 🔊. This is RLOG (route log) of one of the best routes – road to the Trakhtemyriv. Trakhtemyriv is a very small village in Kaniv Raion, Cherkasy Oblast. In the past it was a city and quartered the Registered Cossacks of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth since 1578. Part of the former city is submerged by the Kaniv Reservoir. The city also included a legendary settlement of Zarub that is mentioned in the Hypatian Chronicles of 1096 and 1168. As of 2007 the village housed total of only 9 people. From around 2013 the village has no permanent population, and is inhabited mainly during the summer period. The village has no public electricity, water supply or canalisation. [Wikipedia] - #goodbikeroute #bikegallery #instabike #трахтемиров #cyclingphotos #stravacycling #komoot #outsideisfree #autumn #picoftheday #instagram #roadbike #bicycle #bicyclingphotos #cyclinglife #mucoff #kyiv #kiev #vscobeesc #rlog #routelog #rapha #iamspecialized #mycanyon #purecycling #granfondo #randonneur #travel #adventure

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The blog is about travel via bike rides, using different types of bikes and staff, experimenting my personal commuter style, traveling Ukraine (worldwide rides in plans for future). I am exploring routes and building tours. In my near roadmap a travel to Europe. Meet my followers and people who support me by likes, comments, kudos, tags, etc. All of this simple thing are free for you and very very important for GoodBikeRoute, very motivate me.

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